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Xiaomi Mi Drone with WIFI FPV 4K Camera


Camera: 4K / 1080P Wifi FPV

Gimbal: 3 Axis

Smart Battery: 5100mah 17.4V

Flying time: 25 mins


- With 4K and 1080P Wifi FPV camera,3-Axis gambal.

- 2KM and you can see 720P video in the screen.

- With Pointing flight feature,the drone can fly to the point you touch.

- With Surround feature,can surround the point.

- It can also flight the routes you set.

- APP control,XIAOMI quadcopter will preview controlled by transmitter or APP.

- 4-propeller system with detachable shields

- 17.4V battery 5100mAh, 25 minutes non-stop flying

- 4K camera at 3840 x 2160 pixels; supports recording of stills in RAW format

- Camera attached to a 3-axis gimbal, stabilizes up to 2000 vibrations per second

- Unbelievably lightweight design

- GPS + GLONASS + vision-based positioning for max precision

- Autopilot options: automatic take-off + landing, waypoint flight path planning, tap to fly on map, circle an object on the ground

- Intelligently detects low battery and returns home automatically

- Real-time location tracking for easy retrieval even post crash

- Hovers automatically at the edge of no-fly zones

- Built-in PCB antenna array in remote control for maximum reach

- Modular design and foldable landing gear

Charging time:4.2 hrs (18w charger, charging line in packaging);10 hrs (10w charger)

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